Single of the Week | Matt Portland – ‘Secondary’

Matt Portland Grabs Single of the Week with New Track ‘Secondary

Earlier this year Matt Portland had some success with his debut single ‘South Destruction’, which you can listen to here. Since then Matt has been back in the studio recording some new material and developed something to be proud off.

Listen Below:

Secondary’ sees Matt take a slightly different approach, as he takes to the keyboard and drips his vocals all over it. There is a slight hint of Alex Turner about it, as his singing has some similar qualities. Don’t be fooled though Matt is still very much his own artist, this haunting piece displays some true writing skills.

Really enjoy the production of the track with the hollow feeling of it, as well as the beautiful harmonies. Also there’s a part where there’s a hint of guitar in the background towards the end, and it works so well. I really think Matt has got something here, and I cannot wait to hear what 2019 has in stall for him!

That’s it for Single of the Week this week. If you think you have a single of the week on your hands then make sure you get in touch!

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