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We Introduce to you Manchester’s, Witch Fever!

Manchester seems to be the best place at the minute for underground indie bands and Witch Fever are certainly no exception. They’re a female fuelled chaotic explosion who won’t take shit from anyone.Currently they have two released songs, ‘Carpet Asphyxiation’ and the more recent ‘Toothless’.

Both tracks express everything they stand for, with singer Amy powerfully preaching feminist lyrics, accompanied by snarling guitar and fuzzy bass riffs. Recently they have teased the release of their third single on social media, and if their current tracks are anything to go by, it will certainly be something to look forward too.

While I haven’t been lucky enough to see them live (yet!), they’ve been massively praised for their riotous explosive sets and their incredible stage presence.

One reason why I adore this band, aside from their music, is their confidence to call out anyone who expresses any kind of misogynist views. Recently for example, guitarist Alex posted on her Instagram story, “I feel like my band has to work twice as hard to get half the attention from music industry professionals”. She then goes on to talk about how male bands express feminist views for their own personal gain of popularity and not to benefit women in the music scene. 

As a young woman who is involved with the underground music scene, I have so much and admiration for Witch Fever. They refuse to let sexist comments dishearten them; instead they turn it into fuel for their brash music. They’re taking Riot Grrrl morals and turning it into their own modern revelation.

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