EP Review | The Creature Appeal – ‘You Shouldn’t, But I Know You Probably Will’

Birmingham Band The Creature Appeal release Debut EP !

Earlier this year the band release ‘On My Mind’, which has been the bands most successful track. Reaching over 5,000 plays on Spotify. So this Debut EP comes off the back of some momentum.

Their sound varies throughout the EP, yet they tsay within the indie bubble. The first track ‘Nine’ is upbeat and daring, sometimes slipping into a pop punk manner, but nowhere near as whiney. Whereas other tracks like ‘Where Will I Find You Tonight’ has a heavier feel on the guitars, while keeping that upbeat manic pace that was established in the opener.

The third track ‘I Need To Know…’ has to be the favourite on the EP as it just clips that poppy edge, along with the crashing drums and dance-feel melody. The band always seem to be aiming for those bigger chorus, by over-driving the guitars and bursting out those catchy lyrics.

However the vocals are vastly different, sometimes reminding me of JAWS frontman Connor in ‘Circular Sunglasses’. This track is the closer of the EP and it does a strong job of it, with this being the band at their best. The bubble bursting riff is catchy, and it has this cool delay effect on it giving a different vibe to all the other tracks. 

The EP seems to fly by with each track never going over the 4 minute mark. Making it more enjoyable as it acts like a quick pro plus to liven you up.

It’s a solid debut EP, as it acts as a platform to build off. When recording your debut EP you’re still finding your feet and cementing your sound, and it looks like The Creature Appeal have made huge strides in doing that.

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