New Release | The Surrenders – ‘Maybe There’ll Be Blood’

The Surrenders continue to Impress with ‘Maybe There’ll Be Blood’

The Surrenders are probably the best kept secret in the West Midlands, as their music continues to be one of the most enjoyable to listen to, and it feels like they already should be huge! None the less the band are producing some great stuff, especially with their release earlier this year ‘Shouldn’t Have to Dig’.

Their latest track ‘Maybe There’ll be Blood’ is simply another joyfest as it comes across as a track you can sing half drunk, stumbling and bumbling through the words and still get everyone to join in.

Listen Below:

The song definitely has a bluesy type feel to it, but is really rough around the edges. In parts it sound like something similar to a Libertines record, but by no means is it a copy. The 5 minute track at times comes across like a jamming session. As if the talent is just that effortless, which is apparent in the swagger of the song.

Of course track has been added to the WFM 2018 playlists and rightly so. Hope you all like the track and keep your ears close to this band!

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