New Release | Strawberry Milkshake – ‘Sirens’

Strawberry Milkshake release Brand New Track ‘Sirens’

It turns out that some people are talented enough that they can be a part of two things at once, and this is true for Spilt Milk Society frontman Harry Handford. Harry fronts the talented Birmingham based band, but he also has his side project called Strawberry Milkshake, and is real chill. If you don’t believe it, listen for yourself!

Listen Below:

The track simply floats by with these Frank Ocean type beats and spontaneity, you never really know where the track is really going, but it’s good. The vocals are delivered in a laid back, chilled out manner much like the instrumentals. You could call it indie, but it definitely leans into the more alternative side as there are so many elements contrbuting to the track.

Harry certainly has a lot on his plate as he will be spinning plates with the two projects, but you can guarantee it’s going to quality whatever he does.

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