Single of the Week | MOSES – ‘River Thames’

MOSES get Single of the Week with Spontaneous release ‘River Thames’

Single of the Week comes around a bit late this time, but none the less it’s here! This week it is London boys MOSES and their brand new track ‘River Thames’! Earlier this year the band excited us with their release of ‘Cause I Got You’, and this track probably ranks higher.

Listen Below:

The track is fun-filled and packed with a catchy chorus with the lead vocalist shouting to the top of his lungs “On the River Thames’. The bouncy melody of the song gives it a certain sing-a-long quality, making it a genuine joy to listen to! Taking influences from a host of indie artists, it has the scent on an early 00’s indie banger, which will go down damn well on any dance floor!

That’s it for Single of the Week this week. If you think you have a single of the week on your hands then make sure you get in touch!

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