New Release | Jeremy Tuplin’s – ‘Just Cos Ur Handsome’

Jeremy Tuplin - 'Jus Cos Ur Handsome'

Jeremy Tuplin Releases New Track ‘Jus Cos Ur Handsome’

Teaser track from Jeremy Tuplin’s new album – free download of ‘Just Cos Ur Handsome’!

Jeremy Tuplin writes witty, otherworldly songs. He burst onto the scene gaining comparisons to Leonard Cohen and Bill Callaghan. He’s been described as ‘the missing link between Nick Drake and ‘Space-Oddity’-era Bowie.’ ‘Just Cos Ur Handsome‘showcases his timeless vocals against upbeat melodies which bely the themes of the track, and all done with a sparkle in his eye. Tuplin recently signed to Trapped Animal and will be releasing his next album, Pink Mirror, in early 2019.

Tuplin writes, “I’d describe Pink Mirror …as a jovial sojourn through some of human nature’s so-called dark sides. It’s a satirical look at representations of love, desire, vanity, society, the internet and more in the modern world.”

Listen Below:

You can treat yourself to a sneaky peek of Pink Mirror, download ‘Just Cos Ur Handsome’ for free on the Jeremy Tuplin Bandcamp page. First single ‘Bad Lover’ will be dropping late November, but in the meantime, get yourselves down to see him in live in London (07 November, Amersham Arms) and Cambridge (15 November, The Blue Moon).

Words by Jasmine Robinson @halopygian

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