New Release | Alex Lleo – ‘Emanate’

Photo by Emilie Cotterill

Birmingham’s Alex Lleo releases New Track ‘Emanate’

At the moment Birmingham is flooded with talent ranging across all genres, including singer songwriting. Alex Lleo is one of the talented artists who has found his place in that style, and you can listen how in his new track ‘Emanate’. The slow delicate voice of Alex is surrounded by atmosphere and subtle drums and embellishments.

Listen Below:

The track is over four minutes long but smoothly breezes by as it sets you at ease with the gentle vocals and inoffensive beat. Alex is very stripped back throughout the whole song, as his vocals stand alone for most of it and do a fantastic job. You could draw comparisons to Ben Howard with a slight american style twinge. The songs sounds fresh and is very much a song of it’s time, something you can really sink your teeth into.



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