September 2018 | Top 5 Albums of the Month

The Blinders Introduce us to Columbia and get the Top Spot

5. The Joy Formidable – ‘AAARTH’ – LISTEN HERE

This was The Joy Formidable’s fourth album, after their previous album Hitch, which was released back in 2016. It could be argued that this is the bands best album yet, as they try something new and daring, moving away from their natural habitat which heavily featured guitars. The trio do a fantastic job of creating an atmosphere full of nature through their music. The band dared to experiment with this record- and they did a fantastic job.

4. Black Honey – ‘Black Honey’ LISTEN HERE

Black Honey - Black HoneyThe debut album from Brighton band Black Honey promised us everything after the string of EP’s which they released preceding the album. Fortunately the album delivered. The album blends together Blondie, Elastica along with many other bands, and they do with great effect. This album fuses indie music along with a touch of an electronic style which works surprisingly well. With the album just coming in under 40 minutes, you’re left wanting to go back and listen again and again.

3. Fatherson  – ‘Sum of All Your Parts’  LISTEN HERE

Scottish trio Fatherson released their third album on September 14th, surprising a lot of people with what they produced. The album in some respects is very brooding and dark, where in others it’s bright and uplifting. The album was produced by Claudius Mittendorfer who has previously worked on Weezer and Arctic Monkeys records, this was different for the band as they produced their previous two records.  However this was a great move on the bands part, as they delivered their best record yet. – Full Review Here

2.  Doe – ‘Grow Into It’  LISTEN HERE

Doe - Grow Into ItAfter discovering Doe quite late, I was interested to hear what sort of record they were going to put out next. They had some successes with their previous releases Some Things Last Longer Than You and First Four, yet I was always left wanting a bit more. On this album you get that bit extra from them. Their whole songwriting seems much tighter along with the blistering riffs and song subjects. This album has that transition of growing up attached to it, and messaged is delivered well with their punky lo-fi vibes.

1. The Blinders – ‘Columbia’ LISTEN HERE

When the Doncaster Trio announced this album a spark was lit from inside me, and a burning desire for this album had begun. This debut carried a lot of potential and anticipation for many fans of the band, and after listening to it numerous times its clear this album is special. No song is filler, as they all remain vital to the narrative of the overall story. The band paint a picture of this dystopian World called Columbia and the songs paint vivid pictures of it with their tribal fueled riffs and chaotic melodies. It’s a must listen for anyone, as you will not be disappointed. – Full Review Here


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