New Release | Pizzagirl – ‘ Body Part’

Pizzagirl Releases ‘Body Part‘ ahead of Season 2 EP!

Liverpool beatmaker/singer/songwriter Pizzagirl is having quite the end of year story in 2018. With his Season 2 EP set to be released soon he’s releasing tracks which are just mouth watering. ‘Body Part’ is the latest one to be dropped on us, and it once again lives in the dreamworld which Pizzagirl is creating for this entire EP.

Listen Below:

Body Part’ is very much of that same style, sounding like it was born straight out of the 80’s. With the steady yet enticing beat you’re left with Pizzagirl delivering some very solemn vocals which keeps you hooked. While listening to this it couldn’t be helped to draw lines to the likes of Pet Shop Boys and The Human League, but the influences come across as natural and organic opposed to sounding to try-hard.

This is the most stripped back track that Pizzagirl has released so far, one that will sit very well next to the songs he’s previously released. Looking forward to hear the EP, even more so to hear him perform live. He’s making all the efforts to be considered the underground break out star of 2018!




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