Live Review | The Blinders @ SWN Festival, Cardiff

The Blinders Continue to Impress at SWN Festival in Cardiff!

The Blinders are in the midst of their latest UK headline tour, of which they have extracted the long anticipated world of Columbia from its digital form and stuck it onto stage for our viewing pleasure. I had the wonderful opportunity to see them twice over two days at sŵn festival in Cardiff; the circumstances of which I was very happy with, since one Blinders gig is simply not enough.

Their live shows offer you an immersive insight into their fictional dystopian world of chaos. The set begins with ‘Gotta Get Through‘ and ‘L’etat C’est Moi’, both of which were released before the album as singles, giving us a taste of what’s in store, creating anticipation and high expectations. And of course, The Blinders exceeded the expectations by miles. 

The band themselves are completely immersed in their performances, amplifying their punkedelic style. Charlie’s hard bass lines and velvet black suit contrast with his elegant movements and delicate glass of wine at his feet. Matty’s eyes are fixed on the crowd with an intimidating glare. And the cherry on the cake, frontman Thomas is adorned with his signature black eye makeup, as he embodies his on stage persona of Johnny Dream.

The set included older more well known singles, ‘Brave New World ‘and ‘Swine’, and the sensual, alternative presentation of a love song, ‘Ramona Flowers’.

‘The Hate Song’ included a point where Thomas was staring straight into the crowd, creating an unsettling edge to the quite funky track. 

One particular stand out moment of the set for me was during the end of ‘I Can’t Breath Blues’. Charlie’s bass was suddenly massively amplified, creating a true rumble through the audiences bones, coupled with Thomas’ ringing riff. I was in such awe  I couldn’t help but say ‘Holy Shit’. 

As always, the set concluded on the extreme climax of ‘Brutus’ with the high energy riotous closure, bringing our experience of the world of Columbia to an end. As the lights turn on and the audience filter out, we’re left with a need for more, with a desperation to be taken back to the lawless world. 

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