Single of the Week | NANCY – ‘Teenage Fantasy’

NANCY - Teenage Fantasy

Lo-Fi Indie Newcomers NANCY grab Single of the Week ‘Teenage Fantasy

It’s Sunday which only can mean one thing here at WFM, it’s Single of the Week day! The day where we pick a track out which has been released within the week, which really caught our ears. This week it’s Cannibal Hymns recent signees NANCY and their new track ‘Teenage Fantasy’.

The track has a really lo-fi element to it as the track has a fuzzy produced overall feel to it all. The mysterious opening is loud and intrusive, yet it pulls you in to the rest of the song.

Listen below:

The song has some interesting musical elements to it, with this weird spiralling whirring sound coming in and out every now and then. You also have these strings embellished over the vocals at points, giving a great contrast to the wonderfully gritty vocals. Also really enjoy the breakdown as it has the burst of shining light coming through it, something you may hear on a Horrors record, however it’s much more DIY.

This has been released ahead of their debut EP Mysterious Visions which will be released on November 9th, and has a lot of people excited.

That’s it for Single of the Week this week. If you think you have a single of the week on your hands then make sure you get in touch!

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