Interview | BERRIES answer 10 Questions

Photo by Matthew Young

London’s Very Own BERRIES Take on the 10 Questions!

Where did your band name come from?

We wanted a band name that didn’t necessarily define us musically so we could keep things flexible and no-one would be too sure what to expect!

What made you want to get into music?

Hollyfor me it was hearing Wild Thing by Jimi Hendrix and watching him perform (unfortunately not live) just totally blew me away and I decided there and then that I had to learn how to play guitar!

Lauren I started playing guitar because when I was 11 I realised that rock music existed! Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath seemed funner to listen to rather than what was on the car radio!

LucieI knew nothing about drums and started because my dad was a drummer. It was only later on I realised how great it was to be able to jam with other people. I love playing more than listening to drums if that makes any sense!!

Best venue you’ve ever played and why?

Deaf Institute in Manchester is definitely up there!! So good!! It’s always a great feeling when you play in another city and get a good reception or Camden Assembly in London which is always sick

One band/artist you’d love to support?

Biffy Clyro would be pretty incredible

What’s the greatest love song ever written?

Nirvana – Heart shaped box

The best album that you’ve heard this year?

Liines debut album Stop – Start is amazing!!

Most underrated band/artist of all time?

Have to go for The Slits here I think!!

What was the last song you streamed on Spotify?

Keeper by The Franklys what a track!

Which three artists/bands should we be looking out for? (Musically, not for Criminal Offences)

Asylums, ARXX & Desmerelda

What do you want to accomplish next as a band?

We want to keep building, play bigger shows and release more tracks. It would be amazing to do an album in the near future too.


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