Single of the Week | Spilt Milk Society – ‘Turtleneck Boy’

Spilt Milk Society - Turtleneck Boy

Earlier this year Spilt Milk Society announced they were going to have to take a step back. After losing a few band members they needed to regroup and get back on track, and now they have. Luckily it didn’t take too long for the band to find their feet, as they released their brand new track ‘Turtleneck Boy’ and sound to be in perfect shape.

Listen Below:

The dreamy yet funky sound has a classic indie feel to it, but the melody which jumps around gives it a fresh sound. The track has many elements to it as it seems to work through a ton of different sounds, but they all stick to this very upbeat dance vibe they created with their previous tracks. Some sounds could be influences by Birmingham boys Peace, but the similarities fairly loose as they have their own identity.

Regardless of having a bunch of new members in the band, they’ve managed to keep their sound relatively in the same ball park. Which is important because that’s what got people interested and enticed people to fall in love with the Birmingham band.

Very excited to have the band back, and I’m sure next year will be a very important year for the Birmingham outfit.

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