Interview | Our Girl talk about their Debut Album & Upcoming Live Shows!

Our Girl taken by Holly Fernando
Our Girl taken by Holly Fernando

We Spoke with Soph and Lauren from Our Girl about the Upcoming UK Tour and their Debut Album!

Hey guys, just would like to say thank you for taking the time out to do this Interview. I understand you must be very busy with the album release and the UK Tour around the corner! So thanks!

First of all I would like to discuss the debut album Stranger Today. Congratulations first and foremost! Has the album been a long time coming? Or was it a quick decision like “We have all these songs, we could just do an album!”?

L- It’s been a long time coming, I think we always knew we’d do an album, or that we always wanted to.

S – Yeah I think we did in the back of our heads, but playing live felt like the priority for a long time. 

It’s a fantastic debut record, even with the previous released tracks like ‘Being Around’ and ‘I Really Like It’, they sounded fresh sitting around these new songs. How do you feel now the record is out there, and has it lived up to your expectations for it?

L- Ah thank you! I feel super proud! I was away on holiday the week before and the day the album was actually realeased. In a little French bubble in the middle of nowhere. Then when I got back we did all the instores and had the release party and it was so emotional, it was so special to see our friends and family and those of our team that we’ve worked with from the beginning. And also meet fans and go across the country and play for people!

S: thank you! It feels really good, I feel like we were waiting to share it for so long, and it’s so exciting to have it out in the world now. We had a release party at the pickle factory with lots of family and friends and cake and it really felt like a celebration.

It sounds like there was a lot of layers on some of the tracks like ‘Josephine’ and ‘Two Life’. Were there any tracks in particular that took a while to get right, or did it all come together fairly easily?

L- Probably the song on the album that took the longest to come together was In My Head, that took a year or so? not of constant work, but we started it and had even played it live a couple of times, but something wasn’t quite right. We came back to it over a year later and played it in a soundcheck straight off and it’s been that way since then.

In my review I say how delicate the record is at times with the vocals and the softer guitar, yet it has this underbelly of chaos just ready to burst at any moment like in ‘Being Around’. What influenced you into this style of music, more importantly which artists?

L- I think we all have a lot of different artists that we’re inspired by. For me dynamics in a song are something that I’ve always been really interested in and Soph writes these songs that really call out for interesting dynamic changes. I also like experimenting and not just sticking with the first thing that comes to mind when soph plays us a new demo. sometimes the first thing you play is the right thing, but I like to try and work on things so they aren’t necessarily obvious.

S: That’s a great description, thanks! I really love playing with dynamics, I feel like going from something gentle to really heavy can be really effective when you do it at the right moment. I guess a lot of the songs are quite personal and emotional, so being able to reflect those feelings with dynamics feels really good, and kind of necessary. I’ve definitely been inspired by St. Vincent in that sense! Her voice is so gentle and lovely compared to some of the harsher guitar sounds she has. I really like that contrast. 

The record comes across as very personable and relatable, in terms of relationships, friendship and families. Were there any songs which were difficult to write and record on a personal level or am I reading into it too much?

S: Yes for sure. Some songs were a bit difficult to write, it can be quite emotionally intense! I find it cathartic though. I have had worries about releasing songs before, they’re all about my life and people I know, and it’s strange to think that the people who the lyrics are about might hear them and know that. It’s quite a strange thing really! 

The second half of the album felt much slower with ‘Level’, ‘Sub Rosa’ and ‘Heat’ was this intended, or did it simply fall this way?

L- Yeah, we did think about the flow of the album a lot and wanted to make sure it felt right.

S: Totally. I think it’s really important, and we wanted it to flow well. 

Our Girl - Stranger TodayI always love to ask if the band have a favourite off the album! In terms of playing or how it sounds, what would be your collective favourite?

L- Recorded I really love Josephine, it’s my current fave.
S – We all love Josephine, especially the instrumental at the end of it. We hadn’t planned on recording that section, and it came really naturally in the studio, so I think that’s partly why we like it so much. 

You have a UK tour coming up, which sees you play the AMAZING Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham! So I need to know have you played there before, and which other venues are you looking forward to play?

L- I’ve not played there before, I am very much looking forward to it and just to tour the album in general! This will be our first headline tour, so that’s a bit scary, but also very exciting. 

I will be coming to see you guys for the first time in October, which I’m very much looking forward to, what can I expect from your live shows? Could you sum up your performance in three words?

L- I usually let people to make up their own minds about us. I’d say dynamic, visceral, honest- hopefully I don’t sound like too much of a numpty.

S – haha I think that’s a good description Loz! With it being a headline tour, we’ll have a chance to play the slower/quieter songs that we wouldn’t necessarily play on a support slot, so it’ll be nice to construct a set that flows nicely, in the way that the album does I guess! 

Finally! Now you say you’re a Brighton/London band, where there are lot of great artists and bands coming out from at the moment. Just curious to know which acts you personally like as a band, any that you’ve gigged with and have kept an eye on? Love to ask this to see if there’s anyone who’s off WFM’s Radar!

L- Breathe Panel (Josh’s other band), Underwater Boys

S- Agreed on those two! There are loads of great bands in Brighton! Porridge Radio, Abattoir Blues and CLT DRP 

Thanks so much guys for taking the time out to answer all of these questions with great detail, thoroughly enjoyed it, make sure you follow the band below and see them LIVE!



See the band play live this October, all dates below:

12 Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge
14 Bristol, The Louisiana
15 Leicester, The Cookie
16 Leeds, Oporto
18 Sheffield, The Picture House Social
19 Newcastle, Think Tank?
20 Glasgow, The Attic
21 Liverpool, Buyers Club
23 Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach
24 Southampton, Heartbreakers
25 London, The Garage
26 Brighton, The Haunt

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