Interview | The Sunset Beach Hut talk Oxjam Brum 2018 and The Birmingham Music Scene!

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Hey guys, thanks for taking the time out to do this interview, been wanting to speak to you for a while!

Hi! Thanks for asking us.

So you’re playing Oxjam 2018 for the first ever time? Are you guys excited?

We cannot wait! The line up is incredible and it is for such a good cause. We can’t thank the guys enough for asking us to play. We’re playing at a venue we haven’t played before as well so that’s quite exciting. If you weren’t already, we would highly recommend you grab a ticket and come on down.

How important is it for you as a band to play for such a great cause like this, is it something you would like to continue going forward?

We will always play charity gigs when we can. We love being able to support such important causes. We love gigging and meeting new bands so to be able to do that while raising money for charity is awesome.

You’ve released a few tracks ahead of the show including ‘Upside Down’ are there any in particular you’re looking forward to play live?

Upside-Down is always so fun to play. It is such an upbeat song and you can really dance to so it’s always a great atmosphere when we play it live. Our intro track and ‘Funk’ are two of our favourites to play. Even though they are both unreleased, people always seem to enjoy hearing them live and we love playing them. ‘Funk’ has a real groove to it and it’s super chill where as our intro track is really upbeat and dancy. It has a really nice build up into the set and you can really feel atmosphere build up. It’s a great way to start the show!

Which acts are you looking forward to see playing the show?

Where do we start?!?! Obviously we can’t wait to see Echo Beach! as we have played a few gigs with them and we are really close friends now. Bryony Williams is also going to be incredible to see again. We have only seen her as a solo act so we are really excited to be seeing her perform with her whole band! We also hope to be able to see the Exhailers. We have seen them once before and really want to see them again! Final mention to Coffee Breath. Genuinely one of my (Matty’s) favourite bands from Birmingham right now. I’ve seen them twice and cannot wait to be able to see them live again!

The Birmingham music scene is buzzing at the moment, with so many acts across various genres making a statement. Are there any in particular we should be looking out for?

Birmingham is full of good bands right now. Making a list of them would just be us bringing up the acts playing Oxjam again so just see that answer to know. Other than them, La Dharma really are the ones to watch. They are doing incredible recently and after their new single ‘Sirens’ i can really see them going places and cannot wait to see them grow as a band. 

(Would it be cheeky to also say ourselves?) 😉

You’ll be playing alongside a lot of talented Birmingham acts on the day including Sleepy Heads and The Fauna, is there anyone you haven’t played with who you’re looking forward to be playing alongside?

We have played with her before but we can’t wait to share the stage with Bryony Williams again. Other than that, as said before, we cannot wait to share the stage with Coffee Breath. I (Matty) first saw them supporting ‘The World is a Beautiful Place’ at The Asylum and I have been in love ever since! We also can’t wait for The Fauna. We have heard so much about them and are super excited to see them for the first time.

There’s a few venues where the even will take place including the mockingbird and Digbrew CO, which venue will you be playing and is there one you would’ve like to have got the chance to play?

We are playing at The Engine Room and we are excited to be playing it. As we said before, we haven’t played it before so looking forward to playing somewhere new.  It is a place we have heard of but none of us have been to so will be good to see what it is like. All of the stages would have been great to play. We can’t wait to go round them to see what they are all like.

With 2018 coming to a close, do you have any goals you would like to complete for the end of year? And what can we look forward to in 2019?

We only have a handful of gigs left this year including a headline at The Sunflower Lounge on the 8th November. Our plan is to go into the studio a few times and so we are really looking forward to recording some new tunes! We also have at least one more song coming out before the end of the year but we can’t really say much more than that. There are some other things we cannot wait to announce but we just can’t right now! Shouldn’t be too long though so just keep your eyes peeled for any announcements.

Thanks so much for taking the time out guys to take part in this interview, looking forward to seeing you live soon!

Thanks for having us! See you there.

Oxjam Brum will take place on October 13th in Digbeth, Birmingham – Make sure you’re there! – Tickets

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