New Release | Cymbeline – ‘3069’

Cymbeline Wolverhampton Band

Wolverhampton Band Cymbeline release New Track ‘3069

The Midlands is quickly becoming a hotbed for new up and coming bands. With new acts starting up every week you can pretty much guarantee you will drop on someone you like.

Cymbeline are the latest band to be added to that radar, as their garage rock vibes strikes and urgency to your consciousness. Their latest track ‘3069‘ has this very chaotic dual personality sound. As it plays out cool and melodic sound until it lashes out with this blaring guitar.

Listen Below:

The song alone only chalks up to just over a punk-like two minutes, however with the video the band turn it into a short movie packed with dialogue. This clearly shows the creativity of the band, as they create a clear message with the video.

Could hear this track being well received in front of a live audience, as it gives a clear indication of what Cymbeline are all about as a band. Bring on more music.



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