New Release | Avalanche Party – ‘Million Dollar Man’

Avalanche Party Surprise Fans with New Track ‘Million Dollar Man

Avalanche party have just set out on their joint UK tour with CanshakerPi and have surprised us all with the sudden release of their newest single, ‘Million Dollar Man‘.

I first heard this track a week ago at Hoyfest in Cardiff and I haven’t been able to get it off my mind since. I’ve desperately been trying to find the song and had to settle on listening to a live version from Pirate Studios. Then today, as if Avalanche Party sensed my desperation, they released Million Dollar Man.

The track stands out from their other songs as it’s much more electronic based. The usual hypnotic riffs are replaced with industrial sounds that remind me somewhat of HMLTD. The signature sensual Avalanche Party vocals have been elevated and become raw and harsh.

They’ve created a song that sticks with you, that hangs in your mind because it’s so interesting and abstract.

Avalanche Party are certainly a band to watch out for. On record they bring a unique sound, and live they bring crazy energy and stage presence.

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