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London Punks False Heads discuss their second EP ‘Less Is Better’ and Favourite Tour Moments!

Your second EP, Less is Better, was released on 21st September. When did the work for this EP first start? 

Probably around 4 months ago? We were talking to a few record labels and needed new songs so we began writing and demoing everything. ‘Retina’ was written a while ago and released but there’s a different version on the EP. So, to be fair, maybe it started with ‘Retina.’

How would you compare the process of making your first EP, Gutter Press, to the making of your newest release?

‘Gutter Press’ we sort of just went in to the studio and we rushed it a touch I think (from our perspective) and weren’t 100 percent sure what sound we wanted. ‘Less is Better’ we had demoed 10 tracks and we knew what we wanted on it and what sound we were trying to achieve. It was actually sort of recorded all over the place and quite DIY but the sound (I think) is much bigger and when it’s been played on the radio it sounds like it’s bursting out of the radio, which is exactly what I wanted. Jonny Hucks is the man we have to thank for that.

As a band, was there ever the feeling of having to avoid some extent of second album syndrome after the success of your first EP? 

No, not really. We just always want to put out a good record and now we’re focussed on the album, we want to do the exact same thing. So, we don’t think about it too much. We take care of the songs and the sound and we just make sure that we focus on that and do that. That’s just how we look at things and it seems to be working. Hopefully it continues.

Were there any clear musical influences in the creation of the new EP? 

I was listening to quite a bit of hip-hop at the time of writing it actually. Mobb Deep, Eminem, Nas but also quite a bit of Rage Against the Machine and Bob Dylan so that’s somehow merged into whatever it’s turned into. We were smashing back some old school Green Day on the last tour so there’s some influences there. But to be honest, we’re sort of at a stage where it’s not directly taken from something, we’ve been writing as a band together for over two years now so it’s sort of a natural process and just comes from our rehearsal room and us three being in it I suppose.

Which artists are you currently listening to, any acts up and coming we should be excited about?

Strange Bones, Calva Louise, Freakouts, The Blinders, The Americas and loads more.

The sound of the EP can definitely be characterised as authentic. How important would you say it is for you as band to stay true to yourselves? 

It’s extremely important, you have to stay true to what you believe in and what you’re creating otherwise, what’s the point? You won’t be able to carry on otherwise. If you feel everything becoming diluted by what everyone else wants you to make, then it becomes a burden more than an act of creativity. We put everything into what we make and hopefully that shows, whether it’s the more catchy, poppier tracks or the all-out heavy ones. Everything is us completely.

How important would you say the support from the likes of Danny Fields and Iggy Pop have been to you as a band as well as your success? 

Yeah, it’s helped a lot. Getting that sort of recognition is obviously amazing for a band and we’re ridiculously grateful to those two for what they have done. Danny is a now a dear friend and like a mentor of the band, we wouldn’t be here without him.

What would you say had been your best moment or show as a band? 

InMusic Festival mainstage supporting Queens of the Stone Age or ULU for a Peaceful Noise supporting Josh Homme (have a running theme) haha, but a Peaceful Noise in general was just an incredible show to combat evil fascist theocracy and Islamism in such a positive way – Zoe Alexander deserves a medal and InMusic was just such an amazing experience to play on a stage that size to that many people. Thank you to Pirate Studios, MAH and Northern Exposure for that.

And your worst? 

Probably our first at Ramsgate Music Hall. Amazing venue, we just sort of flopped a bit that night, was weird, rehearsals had been incredible and we just didn’t nail it and felt deflated but you pick up and go again. Or Margate, it was so shit that I broke my string in the third song and we just stopped playing, was completely pointless. We played to the soundman, but every band will have those moments, you just brush it aside and move forward.

I know you have a tour ahead of you following the release of Less is Better, playing The Devonshire in Sheffield on 19th October. Is there any one show you’re particularly looking forward to? 

Hamburg, it’s the first time we’ve played Germany and we’ve heard great things, we’re ready and hopefully they are too.

Thanks for taking the time out guys to do this interview, we really appreicate it! Make sure you follow the band and listen to the new EP below!



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