Estrons – ‘You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough’ | Album Review

Estrons’ Debut makes a New Meaning for Heavy Pop Music

In a 2016 interview, Welsh four-piece Estrons told Mark Beaumont of NME that “It’s lazy journalism to call us a punk band”. This bold statement has not only set them aside because, yes, punk is dead and simply making a noise with guitars does not entitle you a place in the narrow corridor of the genre. But also “heavy pop”, their preferred label, is much better suited to their aesthetic.

The Album

From the opening chime of their debut You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough, what is made clear is the impression that Estrons want to make. Its most captivating point is how it destroys the cliché behind “the music speaks for itself” because, it really does.

Lead singer Tali Kallström’s dominating vocals overpower the album and scream at you from a distance. In a way that is both brutal and beautifully honest. ‘Make A Man’ further stamps Kallström’s authority as the loud-mouthed member of the band. Whilst album opener ‘Lilac’ is bittersweet anarchy, designed to create a scene.

However, not every part of this album is Kallström bellowing into a microphone with all she can muster. ‘Strangers’ is hard-hitting, but with the aid of whirring guitars rather than bold and boisterous ones. As Kallström sings “I’ve been trying to change myself again” and “please just take me as I am”. We’re drawn into a more vulnerable side to her character. Still gritty, just more personal.

As the album closes, ‘Aliens’ (which is what Estrons translates to in Welsh) kicks the album back into the familiar tempo. ‘Drop’ also brings the Kallström we came to discover within the first few syllables back stating  “be more like me”.  An ending as turbulent as its beginning.


Combining their raucous attitude with even more raucous guitars, Estrons have carved a soundtrack that screams for your attention. In a live setting, you can imagine a messy landscape of sweat. Whilst alone in your bedroom, it will pack a punch to your heart.



Listen to the Full Album Below!

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