EP Review | False Heads – ‘Less Is Better’

False Heads - Less Is Better

False Heads New EP ‘Less Is Better’ proves the Band has Undeniable Quality!

Less is Better is the second EP released by False Heads. The three piece rock-punk band are based in East London and released their first EP, Guitar Press, back last year. The EP paved the way for the band’s great reputation in the music scene.

This reputation has only been bolstered by a number of famous faces supporting the band. Iggy Pop has claimed that the band are ‘young and talented and going places’, while former Ramones manager, Danny Fields coined the lads ‘one of the best live bands in the world’. As well as this, the band appeared on The Independent’s list of bands to watch in 2018. It’ll be very interesting to see if this is proven in their latest release.

The EP opens with the track, ‘Yellow’. Previously released on 24th August ahead of the EP’s release on 21st September. The track definitely kicks things off with a bang. Its infectious instrumental beginning almost reminds me of that in ‘Sockets’ by Slaves. Its heavy riffs and building vocals really get you hooked and pull you in to have you singing along in no time.

Interest is also sought in the vocal delivery of the tracks. Again, in true Slaves fashion, lead vocalist, Luke Griffiths, pulls all the punches with this true, gritty, London accent,  spelling out ‘deeply English melodies’ as noted by Clash Magazine.

Nowadays, it’s interesting to see a true, urban English accent represented in music, something which some artists tend to dull in order to conform to American competition. However, in not doing this, the EP is awarded a further level of authenticity. We can especially see this in ‘Retina’ where the intensity of accent almost gives the track a grunge feel in ‘Back at me/ Back at me/ Oh please/ Oh please’.

False Heads - By Alex Hurst
Photo By Alex Hurst

The vocals are well and truly complimented by great instrumentals throughout. In fact, these might be my favourite parts for the EP. The instrumental components of the tracks really bring the EP out from within itself to be arena sized. The album is characterised by being jammed backed with guitar and drums while the bass makes for an interesting listen.

For instance, the production in ‘Wrap Up’ makes the track build beautifully and keeps it interesting. It seems that the band put a huge emphasis on this content, the instrumental breakdown in ‘Help Yourself ‘ being my favourite part of the track. As well as the closing instrumental in ‘Retina’ almost making you envision the mosh pit which would definitely be in action live as well as subtly oozing with sexuality.

All in all, this EP really fulfilled my expectations. The EP is filled with true Brit grit and destruction while being really interesting to listen to. I can imagine the EP to fill an arena and pack it with energy and excitement. What I really want now is an album!

Listen to the FULL EP Below!


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