New Release | Daffodills- ‘A Leo Underwater’

Auckland based band Daffodils share new single ‘A Leo Underwater

Auckland band Daffodils have released a track which will make the transistion out of summer much easier! ‘A Leo Underwater’ is the latest track from the band and it has all the attributes of an 80’s pop attached to it. The songs laid back vibe urges you to take it easy, and have a second out of your busy life.

Listen Below:

Theo Salmon had this to say on the track, “A Leo Underwater’ is about being disconnected,” explains the frontman Theo. “The feeling of drifting away from the things that are important to you. It’s about the end of summer, and the way things change.”

Singer Theo Salmon also said this on the bands overall sound: “Our sound isn’t punk – but it does influence our performance ethos. There’s a sense of community, each song is everyone’s song, not just the band’s.”  Which really lets you look into the bands whole idea of their music.

Looking forward to see what the band will do towards the end of the year, after this excellent track!

Words by Alex Wise

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