New Release | Calva Louise – ‘I Heard a Cry’

Calva Louise release Relentless ‘I Heard A Cry’

Calva Louise are continuing with their end of year streak with the band releasing ‘I Heard A Cry’. Earlier this year they released ‘Outrageous’, which got plenty of people excited and this will very much do the same.

Listen Below:

Their raucous interior is out on show as they create as much chaos as they could within three minutes. Turns out they only needed 2 minutes 15 seconds. The London band have a punky style yet, there seems to be a touch of order as their melody remains tight and infectious.

The band had this to say on the track:  “I Heard A Cry deals with the misinformation we often feel regarding what’s happening elsewhere in the world. But at the same time, it’s about the will of many people who are trying to inform themselves

This is all buliding up hype to a potential album release next year. Also it will definitely get crowds excited as they head out off on tour with The Blinders this autumn! Get Excited.

Words By Alex Wise

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