Live Review | The Gold & The Post Romantics @ Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

Photo by Kara Moon

Essex Band The Gold along with The Post Romantics Tear Up Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen!

August 30th hosted Essex based indie-pop band ‘The Gold’ and their EP launch at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen in London. Entering the venue, I was met with a pink balloon archway and the scattered chatter of excited fans. This was not a usual gig. Everyone there knew we were about to witness something very special unfold.

The night started off with a beautiful solo set by ex-We Are The Ocean guitarist Scully, his seemingly effortless vocals and lively stage presence oozed talent and craftsmanship. His warm, silky vocal tone had the crowd in awe from start to finish; the perfect calm before the storm.

Next to take the stage were Electric Sofa, a young band performing way beyond their years. Fusing heavy drums with funk guitar and jazz piano, Electric Sofa are very much in a musical lane of their own. Lead singer Liv Haines encapsulated the crowd throughout, gaining huge participation with their final song of the night, ‘Perfect’. This band is definitely one to keep an eye out for in the future. 

Photo by Kara Moon

Main support that night came in the form of Liverpool alt band, The Post Romantics, who after recent success following the release of their debut single “Call It Off”, came to the stage with evident confidence in their stride. With a sound worlds apart from the usual guitar band, The Post Romantics did not leave us disappointed. Their dark, brooding set opened with their ambient, electronic track, “Youth”, and culminated in a guitar heavy version of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Swimming Pools’, keeping the crowd alive and on edge every second of the way.

The energy and sheer drive with which this band performs with is so engaging, you really can’t help but lose yourself in it all. It won’t be long until we see them headlining shows of their own. The Post Romantics might advocate heartbreak, but they are band you will definitely fall in love with.

At last, The Gold took to the stage. Following the release of their EP ‘Lover’ and gaining plays from BBC Introducing, the fans were wildly awaiting the debut performance of their new favourite songs. The band opened amidst an ambient intro and soon kicked into their signature 80s’ pop-inspired sound. Instantly consumed by a sea of smokey pink light, the band filled the stage.

The night felt like that 80s’ homecoming dance you never had – the band on stage, the lead couple somewhere in the back, adoring fans at the front dancing along; all that was missing was a boombox and some overbearing shoulder pads. EP Track ‘So Far’ hit the nail on the head that evening, a subtle hint of sadness among a beautiful, transfixing performance.

Leaving the venue, the noise behind me faded away. If only Christian Slater was outside waiting for me in a pink Cadillac, my 80s’ movie dream would finally have been complete.

Words By Kara Moon

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