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Photo by Andrew Cooper
Photo by Andrew Cooper

Cardiff based Indies, Himalayas have had a hectic summer playing festivals such as Reading and Leeds and Truck Fest, and they still have 2 festivals and headline gigs in London and Manchester ahead of them. Their single ‘Thank God I’m Not You’ has hit 7 million streams; proof that this is a band to get very excited about.

Lottie caught up with them ahead of their Hoyfest headline gig in their hometown and talked all things Welsh.

What/who inspires you, lyrically and musically? 

We come from all different lists of inspiration. I think a lot of our stuff is inspired from Manic Street Preachers, Nick Cave or even books and poems. We also write about other people personal circumstances or even our own.

What was the first artist you saw live? Do you still enjoy listening to them? 

Westlife and I definitely still listen to them… 

How has the Welsh music scene supported you? 

Massively. Sometimes it can be hit or miss as we experience playing all around Cardiff when we first started. Now, we have a good following and people even come up to us on the street which is surreal. 

What’s your favourite band to have come out of wales? 

All time would be The Manics. At the moment it’s Boy Azooga or Estrons. 

As a teenager living in South Wales, I’m spoilt for choice of bands and venues. What was it like for you as teenagers? 

It was great. We grew up playing The Moon Club, Undertone and Club Ifor Bach. Cardiff has so many great venues and even places like Newport with Le Pub which is a legendary venue. 

You’ve had a busy summer with the likes of Reading and Leeds, Y not, and Truck fest, and you still have Hoyfest and Shimmer sounds to go. How do you feel about being back in Clwb Ifor Bach, headlining Hoyfest? 

It’s our 3rd year there. Our first time was on a small stage at an evening slot. Our second time was on the Main Stage and another evening slot and to come back and headline is a big deal for us after a manic year. 

Do you find Welsh crowds to be any different from other crowds?

They’re very enthusiastic. We had about three Welsh flags in the crowd at Reading causing chaos. We’ve had good crowds in Europe and even America but nothing beats home crowds. 

Are there any new Welsh bands on the scene you are excited for? 

Boy Azooga, Estrons, The Pitchforks! There are loads of bands making their mark on the scene. 

What’s your favourite gig you’ve ever played? 

Reading Festival. The stage was rammed and it was a total dream come true. We also played to a few thousand in France who went nuts for it. 

Your single ‘Thank God I’m not you’ has hit over 7 million streams which is incredible; are you working on any new music at the moment?

Yes, We recorded around 9 songs last year in Giant Wafer Studios. We’re on the process of finishing them as our year got hectic and busy. Hopefully aiming for early next year. 

What are your plans for the future? Any albums on the way? 

At the moment there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we are sorting out. There is an idea for an album and definitely songs but we’re sorting ourselves out to make it the best possible we can. 

Words by Lottie Pobjoy


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