New Release | Soft Wax – ‘Dreaming’

Soft Wax Debut with tasty ‘Dreaming

Dreaming’ is the new track from the recently formed four piece Soft Wax, hailing from Kent. In their own words, they are “laying shiny, clean pop hooks down on a bed of gritty guitars and dirty drums”, and I believe that this track definitely adheres to that intriguing yet beautiful description. This is a perfect slice of sparkling indie chill, and is definitely a grower. With an encapsulating intro consisting of a fuzzy, tangy riff reminiscent of those sharp guitars found on Arctic Monkeys ‘Humbug’ album, an air of mystery is immediately created with this band.

As soon as the vocals come into play, a sort of toned-down and laid-back Foster the People vibe is created, alongside dreamy lyrics such as “you talk so strange, but all I ever hear is your conscience ticking away” and “your mind’s a maze, with layer upon layer of dead ends”. In contrast to these effortlessly rolling verses which aptly reflect the title ‘Dreaming’; the punchy pre-chorus is unexpectedly catchy, while more emotional lyrics “I fell apart for you” and “I forget I ever begged the worst” are delivered with passion.

With the sleepy synths and poppy, plucky tones; Soft Wax’s arguably experimental sounds do bare resemblance to something that John Wizards and Bon Iver would potentially produce if they ever did a collab. The even dreamier chorus, which is just the simple line of “how can we keep this together…?” really builds, and becomes more infectious the more you listen, specially after a simple bass and shaker breakdown.

This is where you also get to really appreciate the Humbug-esque guitars which create a powerful yet mysterious vibe before the track is brought to a satisfying end, guaranteed to make you press ‘replay’.

Words By Meg Wood

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