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Belfast Band MASK deliver on their Debut Album ‘The Famous’

This is the debut album for Belfast band MASK, however it doesn’t seem like it is regarding how refined the songs are. After starting out in 2004, the band released ‘The Truth’ EP last year, and after a lot of hard work and a quick turn around, they have a debut album!

The opener ‘You Know I Know‘ took 50 seconds to give me a vocal. but don’t let that put you off.  The eager anticipation is rewarded, with the drums making a fierce entrance, and the booming vocals makes that initial delay worth the wait!

The first song pleasantly joins the next tune, ‘Celebrity’, with the same uplifting drums setting the pace. I particularly enjoyed this song, it’s lyrical controversy may cause some heated debates understandably, but it’s catchy country, what do you expect? It sets you up perfectly when you reach the track ‘So They Say’, which is melodically tremendous, and also lyrically interesting.

You don’t have to play by the rules/ do what you want to do! “on to ‘Rabid Dawg’, which gave me hints of the Arctic Monkeys actually, I enjoyed it! Moving on I think there’s a pattern emerging within the lyrics, through this whole album. I feel like punk rock has went up a level, it’s a big middle finger in a spectacular fashion.

The song ‘Greatest Lie’ starts with an awesome acoustic riff, which reminded me of green day, good riddance. Vocally it was more controlled than the previous tracks, which I was excited about, it delivered more skill and range.

This album had me imagining a cowboy, back flipping off a horse, kicking open the saloon doors, giving everybody inside the death stare, demanding a whiskey neat and explaining to every one inside that what they’ve understood to be, is not to be. It’s cheese-free, witty and clever, and while deconstructing perspectives, it’s addictive rock music worth listening to.

Words by Captain Sound

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