Future Fires release Dark Video for 'Far'

Birmingham Band Future Fires release Quality Video for Latest Single ‘Far’

If there wasn’t enough already musically going on around Birmingham, Future Fires have released a story fuelled video for their latest track ‘Far’.
After seeing them earlier this year at The Sunflower Lounge, it was evident that they were a band to keep tabs on as they had great stage presence, urging the crowd to move throughout their set.
The bands frantic and choppy style, which was on display that night, is reflected well througout the video. With the quick cuts and overall tempo of it, you really get a feel for the band when watching. The sound is very much from that early 00’s indie, which is great to hear when it’s done well, which these lads do. Also throughout the track the guitar work is tight and piercing, a shining feature and is one of Future Fires USP’s as an act.
Future Fires still are a young band with a lot to offer, so it’s promising when they’re releasing tracks like this. Also encouraging to see some effort has went into the video, something which a lot of bands don’t tend to take notice of.
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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