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After playing a host of shows around the UK I was able to catch up with Henry from Sea Girls to talk about their amazing EP Heavenly War and more upcoming shows!

Thanks for taking time out of your very busy schedule to do this, but I’m so stoked that I managed to get this interview with you!

Super welcome thanks for taking the interest! 

The year started off with you releasing the ‘Heavenly War’ EP,  which I really enjoyed. Now it’s been a few months, and you’ve had some time to reflect are you happy with the release and are you happy with the reaction it got?

We are very happy with it. We weren’t sure how it would go just that we were proud of the songs. I think the song Heavenly War got a bigger reaction than we expected so that was spot on for making us happy. 

I got a very euphoric sound from it, a larger than life feel with how prominent the guitars were. What sort of influences did you take in the studio with you when recording the EP? Were there any particular artists or albums that had an impact on it?

Yea euphoria in all emotions is the idea for it. The songs were all written at different times, I don’t think I could pull on any particular artist for the EP. Frank Sinatra in the Lost verses to Arcade Fire in What For.

​​As much as I loved the entire of the EP, I’m a sucker for an acoustic track. Since listening to it, ‘Call Me Out’ has really stuck with me, even though it was on your previous EP Call Me Out.  What’s your favourite off the EP and is there one in particular you love playing live?

Heavenly War I think would have to be my favourite as it was written at a time when our luck as a band seemed to change for the better. It made me remember falling in love and everything else worth writing about. It’s also a great song to play live because of the dynamics.  A good one to do an outro crowdsurfing as witnessed on our last tour​.

To add to the momentum you’ve gained this year you recently released ‘Eat Me Whole’ which once again I really enjoyed as it has such a great chorus. How long did it take to record the track? As it was a pretty quick turn around after the EP.

Thank you! It took not much more than 24 hours to have it written and recorded. That was us setting ourselves a challenge really, being a bit more bold. We knew we wanted a massive guitar solo in ​too and it ​to be super energetic. 

You guys have a few shows coming up in April playing with The Academic in Southampton, London and one down the road from me in Birmingham! Are you looking forward to these shows, and are there any in particular you’re looking forward to playing?

Yea it will be our first proper tour supporting someone. And doing it with Abbie McCarthy our BBC introducing champion will be special. 

You’ve also announced a whole host of Festivals over the Summer including Live at Leeds, 110 Above and Reading & Leeds!. Is there any that you’ve never had the chance to play before? And which one are you eagerly waiting to show what you’ve got in the locker?

We haven’t played any outdoor festivals yet, only the amazing Neighbourhood and Live at Leeds so this is like our festival summer dream come true. I think Reading and Leeds is special for us as a young band and it’s like the holy grail of guitar festivals. Last time we went as punters we said we wouldn’t go back until we played there so it’s is one major goal we have already achieved.  ​The line up on our stage is so dope too.

And after busy summer playing all the festivals, you have your own UK Autumn tour which I’m stoked about. Touring can be a testing and tiring challenge, do you guys feel this when you’re on tour or does the adrenaline of playing live see you through?

There isn’t as much time for partying as you’d think. We were pretty good at getting by and onstage it doesn’t matter because as you say the adrenaline cures any ills. I had terrible flu for the last few dates so in between I felt crap but onstage I felt spot on. 

On your travels around the UK are there any bands that you’ve seen or played with that we should be keeping our eye on?

Yes we played with Yonaka at Neighbourhood last summer and they are really great at giving ​it something no one else is. Otzeki are my favourite live act at the moment. 

A bit out of left field but I love asking the question because of the different answers I get. There’s going to be a lot of good music releases this year, are there any that you’re really looking forward to?

Otzeki’s album, the new Arctic Monkeys album and ours if that’s not too bold!

Finally, I don’t think there’s much room for you guys to do anything else this year considering everything you’re doing. But what are you looking to achieve by the end of this year, what will make it successful?

I think it will be the same for every year but if we can keep making music that gets better that we are proud of and do great shows that people keep coming to. 
Thanks so much guys for taking the time out to answer the questions, if you’re around when Sea Girls are playing – make sure you get down there! Dates below!


18 – Heart breakers Bar – Southampton – Tickets

19 – The Garage – London – Tickets

22 – Mama Roux’s – Birmingham – Tickets


4 – The Bodega – Nottingham – Tickets

5 – The King Tuts – Glasgow – Tickets

11 – Mama Roux’s – Birmingham – Tickets

12 – The Leadmill – Sheffield – Tickets

13 – Think Tank – Newcastle – Tickets
18 – Scala – London – Tickets
19 – The Haunt – Brighton – Tickets
20 – The Joiners – Southampton – Tickets
21 – Thekla – Bristol – Tickets

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