The Calamity – ‘I Fell Asleep’ | Single of the Wee


The Calamity ‘I Fell Asleep’ gets Single of the Week

Single of the Week is a tad bit late due to the Easter Weekend, however it’s back on track and there’s a new track for you!
This week it’s Wolverhampton Band The Calamity and their latest song ‘I Fell Asleep’ providing us with Single of the week.
The slow paced track is well thought out and has a very grim feel surrounding it as the slumber-filled guitar plays out. The under-produced video adds to that gritty, fly on the wall feeling of it all, making it an ideal package. The story-telling in the song is it’s strongest feature as lead singer Billy Haynes tells us how he fell asleep and dreamt of World War III. He paints the scene of how he sees it panning out for us all, a dark but detailed picture giving depth to it all.
The band are still in their infancy but it’s clear that the ideas are there, especially with their sound. Looking forward to what they will do in their next project as I feel they have a lot more to offer.
That’s this weeks Single of the Week, hope you enjoyed it! If you think you have a Single of the Week on your hands get in touch!
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Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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