Interview w/ The Assist


Interview with Midlands Band The Assist

With their new EP coming out soon and with a string of shows on the horizon, I managed to catch up with the very talented and very busy boys from The Assist! Thankyou so much guys for taking the time out to do this lads, I really appreciate it.

So it’s been quite a while since your Debut EP Trouble was released back in 2016. Now you’re on the cusp of releasing your new one Lost, what differences would you point out as a band between the two? Are there a string of different influences, do you feel the band are in a different place?

I think we are certainly in a different place this time around. A lot more time has been put aside to ensure the tracks are at the best form they can possibly be in before they are released. It’s very surreal for a band when working on your first release, it’s easy to get caught up in the euphoria of it all and just release any old rubbish. We were finding our feet at such an early stage of our career but it has got a lot more serious since then. The songs are about real experiences and how i feel as a result of those. There has to be room to evolve and with the added pressure of bigger shows we’ve certainly stepped up i feel.

Earlier this year you released ‘All That I Need’ which made the WFM 2018 Playlist! Loved the vocals on the track as well as the euphoric feeling that it gives off, I know Mikey you got Married recently did that influence the track at all?

I didn’t get married, that was Mikey Jonns. Two big names in music, i can understand where you may of got your wires crossed. However, i really enjoyed writing this song, the song was influenced by a difficult period for me, we all have them. I hope that people can listen to this song and take reassurance from it in a sense that its okay to not know what’s next in life. I’d like to take this opportunity to propose to my lovely girlfriend.

One thing about each of you releases that make them extra unique is the incredible artwork! They’re all really colourful and it’s literally imagination on a page, also each one represents the song release in a way. Who does it and where did that all start? Also do you have personal favourite of all your artworks?

The artwork is always briefed by ourselves and Callum-Scott Dyson who is an awesome artist. When writing the song i ensure i can envision a direction for the art and also for the video. Each song tells a story so it is important that you can illustrate an image whilst listening to the song. Callum has a real good knack for interpreting every bit of the puzzle we brief. He takes on board every bit of information and portrays the exact style and image we hope for.

You guys have been doing a lot of work with the promotion This Feeling for quite some time now, and they do a fantastic job of putting on some great shows. Would you say they’ve been important to your development as a band? And which of their gigs really stick out to you?

This Feeling continue to be a pivotal part of our development as a band. They promote a scene but on a nationwide scale as oppose to a local scene. This helps bands to perform all over the country to audiences which they may not of played to outside of their hometown. There is a real good ethos within the group and its great to see so many bands working hard together. The festivals are of course the best shows but we have had some brilliant tour dates such as Jimmy’s in Manchester which has always been our favourite place to play.

You’ve got a lot of gigs coming up in April which sees you head over to London as well as play in Leicester and Nottingham. Are there any you haven’t played before and you’re looking forward to playing?

We played Nottingham way back in 2015 but are yet to return. Leicester is also an area of the midlands which we have only played once or twice so it’s a great opportunity to play to city’s of which we haven’t built that much of a relationship with just yet. We have played london plenty of times but this is the first time we will be playing the famous Nambucca venue so we are very much looking forward to that.

The gigs also sees you play alongside No Hot Ashes who are another top band and are making quite a name for themselves. Have you played with those guys before and are you looking forward to playing with them?

No Hot Ashes are indeed a great band and we love what they are doing.. We shared the stage with them a lot during last summer’s festivals and its great to see them doing so well. They have a great attitude and it will be great to catch up with those boys.

The Midlands music scene at the moment is really something special at the moment with the likes of Sugarthief, RISCAS and Ivory Wave. Do you guys feel a certain buzz around the scene at the moment and which bands do you think we should be paying attention to? Are there any that have went under the radar?

There is definitely a buzz around the midlands music scene just of late, bands supporting bands and even gig-goers are really buying into the scene. All the bands you mentioned above are performing above and beyond expectations and it’s difficult for this level of music to go unnoticed. The Cosmics are also a special band.

2018 is shaping up to be a good year for music, are there any particular albums you’re really looking forward to this year and why?

Ian Brown i believe is rumoured to be releasing a new album. That could be the album of the year considering how much hype the return and final shows of the stone roses generated.

While we’re on the topic of 2018 albums, which albums have you been really into this year?

We really enjoyed listening to the debut SHAME album. Those boys seem to be kicking up a storm and rightly so.

With us now through 4 months of 2018, what other things do you want to accomplish this year, what will make this year a successful for The Assist?

It would be nice to tie up some loose ties and cement the foundations by releasing this EP and looking forward from then onwards. Surviving is the key and survival would ensure this year has been a very successful one. We just want to continue doing what we love.

Thanks so much for taking the time out to do the interview lads, all the best with everything coming up!

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