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SHEAFS the band
Photo by Lewis Evans

After their hectic UK tour we caught up with SHEAFS to hear about how it all went down!

To start off, the band is still relatively new as you’ve only been together for a few years am I correct? How did this all start, did you branch from other bands or?
Yeah we’re around 2 and a half years old. Only a couple of us have been in bands before so it’s pretty much a fresh new project for us.
So guys you’ve just come off a your first UK headline tour, which is a big deal, which saw you play six shows around the UK. On the whole how do you think it went with it being your first one?
On the whole it’s gone very well. We had to overcome some issues with the infamous “Beast from The East” which resulted in us cancelling our Birmingham show but the other shows were class.
You played some interesting venues including Nottingham Bodega and Manchester’s Night & Day! Out of all of them which would you say you had the most fun at and why?
Both Bodega and Night & Day treated us well. Thousand Island in London was arguably the most “interesting” venue; like a futuristic european bar with disco balls covering the ceiling. Definitely one for the memoirs.
I saw some signs pop up on your social media which read ‘This is not a Protest’. This immediately caught my eye! Of course this is in reaction to your song ‘This is not a Protest’ , but how did the signs all start?
This Is Not a Protest was written as a stab at the lack of modern day Rock & Roll icons. As you can imagine, the boards and the title of the track completely define irony at its best.
The tour saw you play with a some different bands including Paper Buoys Band along with Naropa and The Rills. Have you played with any of them before, and did you enjoy playing on the same bill with them?
Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to grace the stage with Paper Buoys but what a sound set of lads, until next time fellas! The Rills and Naropa were great, both bands with bright futures, hopefully we’ll cross paths again soon.
I get so much raw energy from your music, it seems like there’s a lot of pent-up anger in those guitars! Where do you guys pull influences from? What are some key albums that have impacted on your sound?
We’re avid fans of dirty guitar tones; across the five of us our influences are pretty varied. Together we’re well into Cage The Elephant, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Oasis which ties it all together quite nicely.

You’re doing a lot of work with This Feeling at the moment, which is awesome because those guys support so many great bands and deserve a lot of credit. Do you enjoy working with them? And who are some of the bands that you most enjoying playing with at these shows?
This Feeling are great and given us a solid platform to progress outside of our hometown of Sheffield. Highlights with This Feeling consist of playing on the same bill as Rainbow Maniac from Cardiff and Jordan Allen from Bolton as well as going to Isle of Wight Festival last year.
I was pleased to see you were announced for Live at Leeds this year, which must be another milestone for you guys as you be playing alongside The Vaccines, Peace and The Magic Gang! Are you nervous about playing this festival? And who are you looking forward to see?
We’re really looking forward to Live at Leeds, that line up is strong. We don’t tend to get nervous, instead it’s more of a feeling of looking forward to playing and getting out there in front of people.
There’s lots of bands we want to check out on the day including Demob Happy and Idles. Also Vaccines new track ‘I Can’t Quit’ is a banger so it’d be good to see their new stuff live.
So far this year you have released one new song ‘Shock Machine’ which I enjoyed so much it ended up in the WFM 2018 Playlist! Can we expect any more new music from you this year or are you saving them up for something bigger?
Glad you’re digging the track Alex and you’re a legend for including us on the playlist. We have tracks written in the background we just need to get ourselves together and into the studio to get them down.
Finally, we are nearly 3 months into the year, and it’s safe to say you’ve started off well. What are you guys looking to achieve by the end of the year, what will make it successful?
It’s been a whirlwind already, we want to keep writing songs and keep infectiously playing gigs in front of people. We feel like we can win people over face to face.
Thanks for taking the time out to answer the questions boys, looking forward to see you soon!

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