TALMA – ‘Out to Sea’ | EP Review

February has been a rich month for music, and it continues that form with the latest EP release from TALMA. Out To Sea is the bands Second EP and one that should throw momentum right behind them. Ahead of the release the band put out ‘Out to Sea’ and ‘In Circles’ both of which built up anticipation for the release.
With ‘In Circles’ starting the EP off you get a real feel for TALMA immediately. As the vocals take control of the song and weave the story. You start to hear essences of Morrisey, the as the lead vocals seem to have that pull, that commanding demeanour to them throughout the track.
The musicality of the entire EP is very good, as each track sounds very tight and well put together. The songs have a very trusted structure, which is consistently executed. Take the second track ‘Lifeline’, it’s a perfect example of this, with a very tasty guitar part towards the end. ‘Starless Skies’ also has this same effect with the music providing a notepad for the lyrics to tell the story.

Out To Sea’ is the final track on the EP, and is possibly the best on here. As the band keep to that essence of Elbow, they seem to throw a little more vinegar on this track. You still have the calm, strung out vocals yet the guitars have more of a snap to them. The closing of the song is excellent with a well oiled ending gives the vision of organised chaos.
Out To Sea overall is a very dramatic EP, with each song conveying a message which is sent delicately. TALMA have very much found their sound with this release, as each track maintains certain elements which tie it to them. Hopefully this EP will spur on more releases from the band, but for the meantime priority must lie with getting these songs played live on tour.
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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