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silver dollar momentAfter a long time waiting, The Orillelles have finally released their debut album Silver Dollar Moment. Making a name for themselves over the years, the band has slowly built up a lot of anticipation about this record, with the the releases of ‘Let Your Dogtooth Grow’ and ‘I Only Bought it For The Bottle’, settling the bar fairly high.
The album manages to live up to its expectation as the band stick to their garage rock sound throughout. However, garage rock could be too much of a restrictive term when talking about this album. It gently comes to life with the opening track ‘Mango’ which sets the table for the rest of the album, as you get a serious Orielles kick within the first few moments.
Throughout the album it seems the band drift in and out of consciousness, because some tracks are simply too dreamy. Prime example here being ‘Liminal Spaces’ and ‘The Sounds of Liminal Spaces’, both of which are soothing tracks. It’s also hard not to admire the creativity with these songs following each other, and the second serving as a playground where ‘Liminal Spaces’ was created.
It’s impressive to hear how well coordinated this album is, they using quite complex sounds and elements, blending them all together so well. The Orielles seem to have etched their own little genre, which can only be describes a Lo-Fi Disco Garage. The name of the genre is a working progress. Songs like ‘Sunflower Seeds’ and ‘I Only Bought it For The Bottle’ manages to bring out the dancing bug in you, but when combined with a very raw production, it manages to keep an authentic and grounded sound.

48 Percent’ is a wall of sound completed filled out with guitars, harmonies and reverb. This track subtly suggests summer to you, it just has that sort of vibe attached to it. ‘Borrachero Tree’ is a hazy number referencing to the famous tree that can create a powder making people act like zombies, and it’s a perfect representation of that.The guitar hooks throughout this record are something special, it seems to be a natural muscle that they flex out for every song, which is expertly shown on ‘Snaps’.
The album finishes off with ‘Blue Suitcase (Disco Wrist)’ which was the final song released ahead of the album, and it serves well as a closer. The band surely wanted to leave you aching for more, and this track fits that mould. The dancy hook along with the throwback bells, they found the perfect remedy. The song could even be argued as slightly psychedelic with the whirling guitars. Nonetheless, your left in a hurricane after the record.  
Although the album was a long time coming, it needs to be appreciated that The Orielles had the patience and foresight to not rush a release like this.The debut album will often be a bands most important, and with them taking their time it’s culminated with them developing a very high quality album the represents the band so well. Can easily see these songs going down well at live shows. So now the wait is over and the pressure is off, all the guys have to do enjoy the performing this amazing songs.
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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