Single of the Week! Demons of Ruby Mae – 'To Be Adored'

This weeks Single of the Week comes from Manchester duo Demons of Ruby Mae. The band have been developing their sound for quite some time now, with their 2015 EP release The Boy Who Cried Wolf being one of their finest pieces of work. However, this track sounds like another corner has be turned by the band.
To Be Adored’ has a wonderful uplifting feeling, with this constant chill beat combined with these clean cut vocals with such power behind them. The electronic aesthetic of the track really allows the band to blossom, as it’s obvious this is where they’re making their best music.
It’s not hard to believe that the track was recorded by the duo in France (Summer 2017), where the band had little to no distractions – allowing them to focus and create this very unique track. Hopefully this sets a run up to an EP release, as it would be great to hear the band do something more long form again, hoever for the moment this song will do fine!
Hope you enjoyed this weeks single, if you think you have a single of the week on your hands please message @Wordsformusic1 on Twitter or email
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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