DEAD! – ‘The Golden Age of Not Even Trying’ | Album Review

The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying: A heavily anticipated album that gives off all the right vibes in all the right places. With Alex Mountford taking control of the mic, he sure knows how to belt this songs with every ounce of passion and fortitude he has. Complimenting this, we have brothers Sam and Louis Matlock shredding on guitar, Sam Chappell letting hell loose on bass and session drummer Stephen North crashing cymbals and hammering in heavy beats.
Toe-dipping into the album with ‘The Boys The Boys’, you are greeted with a baseline that penetrates through crowds of hundreds on teen hearts, followed by solid lyrical talent and inspiration taken from the 1996 remake of Romeo and Juliet. This track is exploding with heavy bass and drum sequences. The video, situated around Dean Street, Soho, London, is perfectly fitting with the whole mood the song portrays. ‘Enough Enough Enough’ then bursts into your ears with a chaotic essence and almost forces your body to throw itself about. Live, this track kick starts the crowd, influencing pushing and shoving with its combination of guitar and drums. Transitioning nicely into the title track ‘The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying’, we dive straight into that ‘red patch’ Alex sings about. You are met with a flurry of melodies and soft harmonies, mixing with fist pumping bridges towards the end. The long awaited studio version of ‘Jessica’ has brought the majority of Dead!’s following to their knees, as throughout 2016/17, Dead! teased crowds across the country playing Jessica live wherever they went. Fluttering guitar solos, a power ballad of how to love, lose and learn. Alex’s stage persona blossoms, punching lines connect emotionally with every single individual in any room through this song.
Baselines don’t come much sexier than the opening bars to ‘Off White Paint’. The slow but very captivating mood of this song succeeds in swaying your body without you even realising. The chorus hits and once again you’re screaming out the lyrics, stamping your feet and punching the air with an accumulation of every emotion possible. It runs through your body seamlessly as if it was blood. Throw back to the release of ‘You’re So Cheap’ which climbed high in the Kerrang! Rock Charts summer of 2016, this is a track that will never enter the realms of the abyss. Another unmistakable power ballad to add to the collection already!

Petrol and Anaesthetic‘, an unusual combination admittedly, delivers a very My Chemical Romance vibe across the whole song and really encourages you to bounce around your bedroom at your very own personal concert.  ‘Up For Ran$om’ is full of choppy pace changes, a video of five dashing men in blue suits and the 90’s style video outlook, this album really is turning out to be something spectacular from start to finish. It’s riddled with rugged baselines, high-powered riffs and aggressive yet relatable lyrics. ‘W9’ then comes into play. A softer piece that is set to sink you deep into your chair, relaxes your body, mind and soul and creates a bluesy atmosphere, this track bewitches you and you’ll find it’s hard to snap out of that zen mind it’s set. There’s something truly haunting about this track in particular, in a beautifully spectral way. Still so full of life but in a sedative shell.
The next track is not to be messed with,  ‘A Conversation With Concrete’. Straight back in there with heartfelt lyrical content, clear vocals and beefy baselines, everything about this track is compelling, pure and real, tearing you away from the album and connecting with your emotions in a way you’ve never felt before. ‘Any Port’ then opens a gateway of rhetorical questions that convinces you to answer them all in your own specific way. To which leaves us with the closing track ‘Youth Screams and Fades’. A phenomenal song filled with impeccable melodies and a strong chorus that’ll be sung far and wide with tears streaming down faces all over the world. A powerful message is belted our towards the end of this track, connecting these four men with an entire following and building bonds strong than iron.
Summarised, this album has absolutely everything all blended into one. Life, energy and devotion. This album has the power to connect with an individual and that’s hard to come by. This record will relentlessly push the name Dead! as far as possible. And THIS truly is …
The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying.
Written by Amelia Saunders @youthscreams 

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