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Nobodies Birthday
With them supporting The Cribs in only a few days time, I managed to catch up with Reading Band Nobodies Birthday, to get their thoughts on the upcoming show and how the Reading music scene is doing!
First things first you’re starting 2018 very promisingly by supporting The Cribs at Coventry Empire on 27th January! This must be exciting, how did the show come about and are you looking forward to playing the show? especially with such a headline act.
– Yeah it’s an exciting one for us because we’re genuine fans of The Cribs, we’ve paid to see them at their own shows and we were asked about playing it a little bit out of the blue but it’s a Saturday night, the last night of the UK tour those boys are on, so it’s got the ingredients to be a memorable one.
You went to see them in Reading earlier in the month, I know first hand their shows can be hectic. What did you think of the set and their performance?
-What they do live is similar to what we do – come on, play your tunes as loud as possible and get everyone in there nice and sweaty so we loved it. They’ve obviously got a huge back catalogue behind them which makes for some good singalongs and always gets a crowd going so I’m sure we’ll see more of the same up in Coventry. 
Have you guys played in Coventry before? If so what was it like, if not what are you expecting from the gig?
-Never. It’ll be our first time so play nice! Some of us have been to Coventry to watch shows, have a night out and drink far too much which is exactly what we’ll be doing after this show, but never played in the city so we’re looking forward to seeing what everyone’s got.
Reading’s music scene has had a jolt with the ascension of The Amazons and Sundara Karma in the last few years. Did you get to play any shows with those guys at all? And are there any other bands in Reading that you would tip to make an appearance this year?
– We haven’t played with either of them but Reading isn’t a big place, so we’ve bumped into The Amazons boys a fair few times and they’re top guys. Both them and Sundara Karma have done so well and it’s great for us because they’re two bands who again we genuinely like the music of. We bought tickets to see Sundara Karma at their Brixton Academy show because it’s cool for us to go and watch a Reading band on that stage. Same with The Amazons – top 10 album and we’ve got tickets to see them at a hometown show they’re doing so we’re looking forward to hearing them live again. They’re probably the two kind of flag bearers for Reading rock music at the moment but we’re behind them and hopefully can do some good stuff too.

After the release of your Album All You Ever Want is Everything , which was released in 2016, you embarked on quite a busy 2017. What were some of the highlights of last year, and was there a milestone for the band?
-As a band we always seem to set little targets and they end being the milestones. To release the album was a milestone in itself, we self funded it, had full control over it and had no one sat behind in a little chair telling us what the first single would be and how we should dress in a music video. It was an album made for us, made for our mates and to release it was maybe the biggest milestone achievement but 2017 gave us some great opportunities off the back of the album. We played with The Sherlocks in Reading which ended up being one of our favourite shows then probably the biggest thing was The Pigeon Detectives took us out on tour and we played some big shows with them which ended with a sold out one at Electric Ballroom in Camden.
Had a listen to All You Ever Want is Everything earlier today, and I really enjoyed. I love the ominous guitar that surround every track, I’d say it has a slight Madchester style to it. Would you say the same, if not influences do you take with you into your music?
-Yeah there’s definitely some of that in there. Certainly Oasis and The Stone Roses. Those two are two of the biggest influences but we’re an old school indie band – our influences are probably obvious to a lot of people; The Libertines, Kasabian, bands like that, bands that like to plug guitars in and make some proper music.
Sorry to ask this but I’m loving the answers i’m getting from other bands, with 2017 being a good year for music on the whole Which records did you take from last year that really stood, and were there any that really influenced you?

-I’m not sure if new albums and the sound that’s around at the moment necessarily influence us too much. We know what we like and we make our tunes how we like em but we can’t not give the Reading boys a shout again – Sundara Karma and The Amazons both released really good albums. Like the new Kasabian record as well; they know how to write big songs!

With a few shows already booked up for this year, including Are You Listening in April, which ones are you looking most forward to, and which venues would you love to get a chance to play at if you can?
-Are You Listening is one we’re really looking forward to, to be honest. It’s an all day festival that takes over the town in Reading and it’s all done for charity so it can be our good deed for the year. There’s so many venues we’d love to play and we’ve got a few other bits and pieces to sort for some other good shows so without giving you a vague answer – there’s a lot to look forward to, a lot people should look out and a lot of opportunity to come and see us live which everyone should take. 
With 2018 starting so well for you guys already, what do you hope to accomplish in the coming year? What will make it successful?
-We’re going into the studio in early March to record a new EP. To release that and have people enjoy the songs will be successful but we’re hoping to play some bigger shows, maybe a few support slots, a couple of headline shows and a few festival slots. That sounds pretty successful by our standards!
Thanks so much guys for taking the time to do the interview, good luck supporting The Cribs. I’m sure I’ll bump into you there at some point!

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