Interview w/ Sugarthief!

We checked in with Birmingham’s Sugarthief to see what 2018 holds for them!

Hey guys thanks for taking part in this interview, I really appreciate it considering how busy you are even at the start of the year!

So 2017 was a very busy year for you guys, which saw you play a heck of a lot of shows, especially towards the end of year. Which Towns and Venues really stuck out? And where would you like to go back and have another crack at?

Of course Birmingham is our favourite. It’s where we have the strongest fan base so naturally have the best shows, but saying that, Glasgow was a crazy one, we had never played there before and every person in the crowd was so passionate and we loved that!

We had a similar vibe at Newcastle too so we’d definitely be keen to get back to those two cities.

I saw you play at COW Birmingham later on in 2017,which was really cool seeing a band play in that sort of setting. How did you find the experience, and would you want to do that again?

We’ve wanted to play there since the first time we stepped inside the store and saw other bands do it, we got to know everyone at COW pretty well – who are all absolute legends by the way – and they asked if we wanted to play in there.

It was such a cool show and we were really surprised by how many people turned up! We definitely hope we can play there again in the future.

2017 saw the release of your latest track ‘Provide’ , which I really enjoyed because of the sleek poppy guitar hook. How do you think the song was received? And was you happy with the end product of the single?

It was a weird one for us because Provide was actually one of the first songs we wrote, even before Sugarthief was a thing.

We’ve played it since the band started so it was nice to give it to people who have heard it endless times live. In a way it was wrapping up our older style and helping make a clear step towards the future and everyone seemed to dig the track a lot so we can’t complain at all!

I know you’re currently in the studio at the moment, do you like the process of it? Because I know a lot of bands find it quite tiring if they can’t seem to find what they’re looking for.

We love being in the studio, the process of seeing these songs you’ve written build together is really satisfying and getting to experiment with them is a lot of fun. Ryan at RML who is producing our new stuff really gets what we’re trying to achieve which makes the whole thing a lot easier and the songs sound better than we ever could have imagined because of that.

It can get a bit tense when there’s disagreements about sound or structure or whatever but luckily we’re all best mates in the band so there’s never any bitterness and we just love hanging out talking about music in depth for 10 hours a day.

In terms of you style, is that something we can expect to be back in 2018 or will you be introducing some new elements to your music?

Our new material explores a lot of new elements but still honours our older stuff, we’ve really honed in on our sound now and have written a bunch of tunes off the back of that.

We’re so excited for everyone to hear this progression and really think it could be what will take us to a new level this year.

It was a decent year for bands in Birmingham in 2017, is there any bands that particularly stood out for you?

Where do we start! Birmingham is amazing at the moment not just because of all the awesome music coming out of it but we’re all mates as well! Violet are awesome, we think they have an amazing sound that kinda reminds us of the OG btown era haha! We also have to mention our good mates Ivory Wave who are killing it at the moment. Also shout out The Assist, The Lizards, Riscas & The Cosmics, just to name a few.

While we’re on the topic of music in 2017, is there any albums that you particularly enjoyed?

Beach Fossils released a beautiful album called Somersault, just not a single bad song from start to finish! Also Flyte released an incredible debut album which really innovated their sound, so we’re really into that too. We’re very excited for all the bands bringing out debut albums in 2018! watch out for The Magic Gang, Island & The Orielles. All gonna be bangers.

With 2018 staring at us right in the face now, what have you got planned for this year? I would love to see an EP release from you guys.

At the moment we’re focusing on getting a bunch of shows booked not just in brum but across the country and preparing to release our new stuff in the form of a single first and then possibly an EP. We’re making no promises, we’ll just see where the year takes us.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer the questions guys I really appreciate it, and I wish you all the best for 2018!

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