Single of the Week! Cures and Curses – ''Fall Apart, Crash Together"

This week we have Liverpool Duo Cures and Curses providing us with the single of the week. Their debut track “Fall Apart, Crash Together” is a perfect way to continue our streak of giving you chance to hear great new music.
The band take heavy influence from Fall Out Boy, Paramore and Bring me the Horizon, which can easily be heard on this track. The anthemic yet torn vocals and instrumentals give a very good idea of what the band are capable of.
The vocal work over the entire song is incredible as Aaron Akpojaro manages to triumphantly hit the hight notes, while providing that depth for the more softly sung parts. The track is full on throughout, as the overpowering guitars never really let up, while the vocals are also very demanding on the song as they never rest either. The guitar work is quite smart aswell, as David Blackburne provides the perfect bed for the vocals to lie on, while bringing some extra power to the track.
This song is taken from their upcoming EP which is shecduled to be released early this year. Hopefully the rest of the tracks can live up to this, as that would provide the band with a very strong first release.
Hope you enjoyed this weeks single, if you think that your single has the potential to be single of the week, then please get in touch by emailing
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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