Single of the Week | Palava – ‘Sometimes (I Wonder)’

Palava grab Single of the Week with ‘Sometimes (I Wonder)’

Apologies as this weeks Single of the Week is a tad bit late due to the festivities at this time of year! This week however it is four piece Manchester band Palava with their new track ‘Sometimes (I Wonder)’.

The song seems to lean towards that more indie style, with a straight-laced chord progression combined with introspective lyrics, and it works a treat. The melody of the track is really punchy and great to sing along to, however you get the feeling that hearing it live you would get that extra bit of punch that would push the crowd into a frenzy.

The sound of the guitar really stands out on the track as it seems to have a certain shine and glimmer to it, along with a real heavy treble sound. Also the drums play a real spectacular part with their punchy build ups, with a stab-like approach. This is the first I’ve heard from the Manc band, but after hearing this, it would be interesting to hear what they could deliver on an EP.

Hope you enjoy the track! The lads already have some dates booked in for the start of next year so make sure if you’re around to pop in and see them!


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