Single of the Week! 1971 – 'Anxiety'

It’s Sunday, which means that it’s time for another Single of the Week! This week we have 1971 from Canada with their latest track ‘Anxiety’!. A slight change from last week as this track has much more dark undertones and a really eerie feel to it. The slow pace to the song only accentuates this feeling. The vocals have an isolation surrounding them, while the guitar seems to mindlessly wonder around, adding to the mystique.
The song really kicks into life around the 1.50 mark when a heavily distorted guitar breaks through and gives off this powerful bellow, leading into the lead singer shouting “You cannot breathe/in the air”. The vocals give off a message of desperation, which can really be heard just from how the lyrics are being delivered.
It’s a long yet rewarding listen as the song clocks in at a lengthy 5.27. However they keep your ears perked as the band sway between these two motions through the song, before unleashing a tasty breakdown. When the drums pick up the pace, it gives the song another side and keep you interested, especially when the lyrics are thought provoking and well thought out.
Another week and another band have been championed with Single of the Week, if you think you have a single of the week on your hands either email or tweet at @wordsformusic1!
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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