Single Of the Week! Lazybones – 'Snake'

This week Lazybones grace us with their new track ‘Snake‘ which is very deserving of this weeks Single of the Week!
The song is a raucous triumph with the loud and dominating guitars driving the song forward, and laying a great bed for the vocals to scream their way over them. The song is very chorus heavy with the lead singer bellowing “Snake” urging you to sing along as you slowly begin to give in. There’s a very grunge/garage rock sound right at the center, and combined with an in your face attitude it has a great presence.
The track is relatively short as it just clocks in under 3 minutes, giving this very punk feel to it as its short and sharp nature is perfect for a live show to get the crowd falling over each other. ‘Snake‘ is an impressive track which leaves me wanting more from the band, which hopefully the new year will bring!
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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