Single Of The Week: Chainsaw Murphy – ' A Better World Without Me'

A new feature for the site is single of the week, and staring off the feature we have a brand new song from Chainsaw Murphy entitled ‘A Better World Without Me”. The single is being released on Signal Flare SOS Records, who have been working with Chainsaw Murphy for some time now.
The song has a real darkened undertone to it, which is contrasted with the pace and brightness of the acoustic guitar beneath it. The vocals sound torn and emotional throughout, with Chainsaw Murphy sounding like he’s battling with himself to sing the song. This brings a really authentic feeling to the track, focusing in on the subject of the song which has him toying with the idea if it would be a better World without him.
There’s some interesting excerpts included on the track  which sounds like news bulletins from a radio regarding an atom bomb going off, adding another layer to the track showing there’s been some thought put into it.
This is only one of the first steps made by Chainsaw Murphy, so it will be interesting where his next step will be.
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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