8 Tracks for your Bonfire Playlist!

With it being Bonfire Night, I’ve accumulated some songs that you should consider for your Bonfire playlist. Of course, with it being a Bonfire playlist I’ve tried to keep it within the fireworks theme, so enjoy!
1. The Hunna – ‘Bonfire’

First up we have indie-pop newcomers The Hunna with their track ‘Bonfire’, for no other reason than “Bonfire” is the title of the song, and that it actually doesn’t sound too bad.
2. Mitski – ‘Fireworks’

Now this ones is completely genuine, after hearing her album Puberty 2 earlier this year, this song really stood out and really should be considered for your playlist. The track is very atmospheric and would be an ideal song to chill out to after the fireworks.
3.Animal Collective – ‘Fireworks’

This long track gives the perfect backing track to watch the fireworks go off, with the strange noises and upbeat tempo it should fit the scene.
4. Milburn-‘Fireworks’

Up next we have a band which people some consider as the second fiddle to the Arctic Monkeys. Fronted by Reverend and the Makers bass player Joe Carnell, Milburn’s track ‘Fireworks’ has that classic early 00’s indie sound.
5. The Courteeners – ‘Social Fireworks’

Here we have a B-Side from Manchester band The Courteeners, who bring more of an edge to their style on this track ‘Social Fireworks’. It will be one that people will grow to as the song goes on, definitely fits the mood though.
6. Elvis Costello – ‘Indoor Fireworks’

Elvis Costello will bring a nice end to the entire night with his slow-jam ‘Indoor Fireworks’, not one of his most well known songs but it’s certainly worth a spin.
7. Childish Gambino – ‘Bonfire’

When it’s getting late and people are drifting off, you can always rely on Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) to spit some fire, and bring the people back. His track ‘Bonfire’ was a big statement when it came out, and it still can be at your bonfire party!
8 James Blunt – ‘Bonfire Heart’

To top the night off why not put one of the greatest songwriters of this generation on and give ‘Bonfire Heart’ a whirl. James Blunt has done it all and now he’s going to do another great thing, and give your Bonfire Party the ending it deserves. Please listen to this song.
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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