8 Facts about Tom Petty | Feature

To celebrate what would’ve been his 67th Birthday, I’ve put together 8 facts you may not know about the genius Tom Petty!

1) He had a serious addiction to heroin in the 90’s. Although it was terrible, he was also upset that he could inspire someone to do the same thing and having them believe they could come out of the addiction like he did.
2) He featured as an actor a few times, his biggest role was perhaps the role he played in The Postman alongside co-star Kevin Costner. Also voice acted in the King Of The Hill for 28 episodes
3) He nearly recruited Dave Grohl as a heartbreaker back in 1994 which could’ve changed a hell of a lot in history.
4) He was a big advocate of the legalisation of Marijuana back in 2010

5) Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers weren’t an instant hit. The band released their debut album back in 1976 yet it was only until nearly two years later ‘Breakdown’ got into the top 40.
6) Sam Smith has to pay 12.5% for writing credit on his song “Stay With Me” due to the resemblance in Tom Petty’s song “Won’t Back Down
7) His net worth is over $75 Million Dollars
8) Back in 1987 his house was burnt down, and unfortunately his Hat was also a victim in this tragedy.

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