EP Review | Big Ginger Kid – ‘Wonderbread’

Big Ginger Kid - Wonderbread

Big Ginger Kid release Debut EP Wonderbread

After some time building up their name by playing gigs all around the UK, Big Ginger Kid have finally delivered with their debut EP, which is being released on Local Record Label Strawberry Moon Records. Releasing a demo version of ‘Play it Out’ online was the first sniff we had of any new releases, and since then the band haven’t released anything else.

The band has been neatly crafting away developing their sound and, ultimately finding out who they are as a band. After listening to their debut EP it’s safe to say the band firmly know what their sound is, and who they’re aiming it towards. The EP has been produced by the Band, so their sound has been entirely molded by themselves which is a brave thing to do as relatively new band.

The EP opens up with stand out song ‘Play it out’ with all it’s edginess, and is where Pritchard really shines. He can bring that swagger to his vocals and has the riff right there with him to back it up at every corner. The track is really rough, with guitar sounding like it was recorded with plenty of reverb as well as the vocals, it’s easy to see why this song was chosen as the single. This song really set the tone for the entire EP.

Lost On Me’ steps up next, and once again is driven by this smart, slick riff which is beautifully complicated and satisfying to hear, as it rolls off the guitar. As it bursts into energy the drums really provides that gumption to bring it to life. The chorus is equally as catchy; with Pritchard blaring out “Get lost on me” it entices you to sing along. What is most endearing about this track is the solo, as it refuses to placid and leaves a real mark on the track giving it that bit of depth.

The guitar work is the strongest component on this EP, as it stands out in every single track, leaving you to sit back and admire. Not to take away from the other elements, but the guitar gives the songs that density, which standard chords and rhythm simply cannot give.

Runaway’ is next which is pillared by this heavy, overdriven fast paced riff which has a twinge of despair to it. Pritchard’s vocals on the track are impressive as they have always been. It dips and switches through soft lullabies to urgent raised chants, while maintaining that melody.

The EP raps up with the funky track ‘She Said’ which is something that wouldn’t sound misplaced on a Stone Roses record. The lazy kickback bass riff allows Pritchard to bring a certain tone to his vocals and once again that swagger makes an appearance. The solo at the end of the track is once again something to behold as just puts an extra shine on to the whole track and EP.

The EP has given Big Ginger Kid a platform to build upon, as they’ve clearly found their sound now it’s just a case of where they want to take it. It’s hard to see where their next project will come from, but with the heat of this EP it’s surely something they have to build on.

Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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