Luna Rose – ‘Mercurial Man’ | New Music

Luna Rose are one of the rising band in the UK and after the release of their self entitled debut EP nearly 8 months ago the band have continued to drive their momentum. With a number of shows around the UK going incredibly well, it’s clearly encouraged the band to jump back into the studio to create one of their best song to date ‘Mercurial Man‘.
The track clocks in just over four minutes and give you plenty to chew on throughout that time. The song almost sounds like a jamming session, and you’re involved in the creation of the song. It seems like the track was spawned out of instinct rather than planning and developing, with the fast paced start it eventually begins to slow down and this continues throughout the whole song. The hazy guitars along with the far out vocals gives out this psychedelic feel which works incredibly well.
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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