The Wools – ‘Heard it all before’ | New Music

This is a first here for WFM and for The Wools as they debut with their brand new track ‘Heard it all Before‘, which proves itself to be a slow love-disaster indie song that anyone can get behind. The slow paced acoustic guitar driven track is laden with baritone vocals that you would expect to hear coming straight out of an Arctic Monkeys song, referencing back to something you may have heard on Humbug.
However the song is gently brushed with some jangly guitars which combine well with the melody to give it some texture, making it a mellow song to listen to. Overall the track is very simple all the way down to the lyrics, but that is what gives the song so much charm, it’s simplicity. The band aren’t trying to configure something to abstract that it’s lost on the listener, this is straight forward and easy to enjoy!
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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