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For anyone that hasn’t listened to Chasing Deer before, from the band name alone you’d probably expect something a little bit edgy and a little bit enigmatic – and you’d be correct to think so. The four-piece rock band are originally from the Midlands (yes they exist) and are now based in London performing whenever and wherever they can.
Their debut album ‘Rewriting History’ was released in 2015 and gained a lot of attention from BBC Radio Stations followed by a successful tour across the UK. So why are we only talking about them now? The answer, with regret, is that I’ve only just discovered them but, better late than never – right?

So let’s talk about this album. It is rare to find a record that carries all the songs at an equal strength however, even on my fifteenth listen to the album I am STILL unable to pinpoint a track that would be a weak single. It opens with ‘Depth of the Night’ which begins with a mellow, repetitive beat building up to the moment the drums and the vocals kick in. The song kind of goes full circle ending with a similar sounding soft, repetitive beat which to me is a great representation of the album as a whole. It’s like we go on a journey with the band and whether that was intentional or not – it works.
Exactly halfway through the record is a song sharing the same name as the title and it’s without a doubt the peak of the album. It’s catchy, It’s upbeat and it’s brilliant. There is so much ability for this track to be insane live and I can’t help but imagine that this will be the one that gets people hooked.
It’s been a promising start for this group and we look forward to seeing what they release next.
Anyway, go listen for yourselves.
Words by Louise Tindall @louisetindallx

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