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Since their EP Trouble, The Assist have been moving pretty fast by performing nearly everywhere except the moon, churning out new tracks and consistently building their fan base by simply putting the work in. In the midst of all of this the band released their brand new track ‘Wonderful‘ and it’s probably their best work yet.
The Assist have always had a knack of developing simple yet catchy hook lines, however on this track it seems as though their sound has matured ever so slightly and it’s working in their favour. Mikey Stanton has always prided himself on creating these long verses that dual up as rapping and singing at the same time, which always makes for an interesting listen as you try to to keep up and hang off his every word. This song is no different as Mikey delves into this type lyricism and delivery once again before topping it off with the emphatic outburst of the word “Wonderful”.
The band provide a clean playground for Mikey to wonder and draw whatever he likes. The simplicity of the musicality shouldn’t be underestimated because there’s still a lot going on, with guitarist Ryan working hard and providing lead and rhythm simultaneously. The subtle jangly guitar work are a perfect bed for the vocals, and when it’s backed by a funky drum and bass it’s easy to see why the song is so catchy.
Hopefully this is the early workings for their debut album, and if it is, they’ve definitely found their sound.
Words by Alex Wise @AJWise

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